Oceania Seating Symposium, Rotorua Energy Event Centre, 9th - 11th November, 2021

Seating to Go is proud to be hosting the 3rd Oceania Seating Symposium (OSS) in Rotorua, in conjunction with the International Seating Symposium - Vancouver (ISS) at the Rotorua Energy Event Centre, New Zealand on the 9th – 11th November 2021.

OSS is renowned for providing an innovative and evidence based programme which extends practice, build relationships and opportunities for both practical workshop learning and papers. With a world class line-up of invited speakers, it is the “go to” event for clinicians, researchers, manufacturers, and others who work in the area of wheeled mobility, seating and positioning.

We anticipate the timing of OSS 2021 will allow our global community to reconnect again and look forward to hosting delegates in our beautiful Aotearoa. We will be providing a hybrid programme if this is not possible for some.


Who is it for? 

The event is geared towards professionals, manufacturers, suppliers and users of wheeled mobility, seating and postural management, and associated technologies.

Symposium Theme

Whanaungatanga - connecting people and communities

We belong to one of the most beautiful countries in the world, RICH in culture. Through the years tikanga Maori has diluted and adapted to survive as the world changes around it...however some core principles have stood the test of time. Whanaungatanga is one of these principles representing Aotearoa's age old culture of connecting and caring.

It means different things to different people, but in essence it paints a picture of belonging to something bigger than oneself. A “bigger picture” full of people that live, love and band together through both their celebrations and tribulations, to form that beautiful thing we call our whanau.

In our mahi we are privileged to be welcomed into many whanau in their time of need, supporting where we can in what can be very dark times. Delving deeper into this beautiful kaupapa can only serve to strengthen our ability to awhi our whanau through these shadows, and strengthen our bonds as a community...so let’s have that korero.

As we emerge from a challenging time globally, this korero is more important than ever. The Oceania Seating Symposium in Aotearoa (New Zealand), November 2021, is an opportunity for the wheeled mobility and seating community to reconnect and share our experiences, strengthening not only our ties to each other but our skillset to grow and be impactful in our position within our communities.

“Whiria te tangata”
- Weave the people together

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